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CPTRH Committee

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Chairman and HETI representative Elizabeth Beckerlegge MCSP  File 124781
 Vice Chairman  Louise Barrett MCSP  File 143484

Membership Secretary and

Executive Committee

Honorary Secretary

Elspeth O'Donnell MCSP  File 108195
Honorary Treasurer and Course co-ordinator Fiona Hainsworth MCSP  File 168268
Research Officer and Website Editor Valerie Cooper MCSP  File 112075
Committee Member Tish Woulds MCSP

File 111576

 Committee Member  Irma Prins MCSP  File 160240
Professional Network Representative Nona Dane MCSP File 111575
Committee Member Jenny Collings MSCP  File 229970
Committee Member and Website Assistant Editor and iCSP Kate McKintosh MCSP File 111574


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