CPTRH Hippotherapy Course (HT)

The CPTRH Hippotherapy Course is a post-registration course of study available to Chartered Physiotherapists who wish to work in the field of physiotherapy which uses the equine within treatment. The course fee is currently £1350, and applicants must submit a non-refundable registration fee of £50 (which will count towards the final balance).

Course Structure

The HT course consists of 2 sequential modules:

- the Equine module;

- the Hippotherapy Practice module.

Each module is of 4 days duration, and modules are scheduled approximately six months apart.

Students are required to complete pre-course study before each module (appropriate texts will be recommended), and after each module they will be required to submit an extensive written assignment which will be marked by an external assessor. There is also a practical Professional Practice assessment at the end of the Hippotherapy Practice module.

In total, the CPTRH Hippotherapy Course takes approximately one year to complete.

The aims of the course are to train physiotherapists to be able to:

  • assess and select equines for Hippotherapy;
  • deliver best practice Hippotherapy.

Successful completion of the Equine module will enable Physiotherapists to take an active role in Therapeutic Riding sessions, as they will be working within their scope of practice and will have PLI insurance cover through their Full Membership of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

For dates and Venue please see the documents below.

Aplications are now open for 2019.

CPTRH Hippotherapy Course Pre-requisites

  • Full Membership of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).
  • Health Professions Council registration.
  • CPTRH membership.
  • One year’s relevant post graduate clinical experience.
  • Completion and submission of the CPTRH Equine Skills Record prior to acceptance on the course.

Please note: applicants are required to register for the entire course (i.e. both modules).

Prior Horse- riding Experience

ACPTR recommends that applicants for the Hippotherapy Course should have horse riding skills to add to their overall experience of handling and working with equines. Applicants should be aware that during the Equine Module they will be required to be led at walk in an enclosed arena. This is subject to the availability of weight carrying horses and applicants’ health.

Therapeutic Backriding

(See ‘Definitions’ in the “About Us” Section)

This is demonstrated in the Hippotherapy Practice module. Students wishing to practice this should note that the CPTRH guidelines for safe practice state:

 “The backrider should have independent hands-free riding at walk and trot on a bareback pad, either led or lunged”.

Course Assessment

1. Participants will be continuously formatively assessed on their practical performance in both equine and therapeutic skills.

2. After each module, participants will be required to submit an extensive written assignment.

More details and an application form

Please contact the Course Coordinator:  Mrs Fiona Hainsworth, The Coach House, Rodley Lane, Calverley, Leeds

Email: afhains@btinternet.com